Anything Art Co

27554cd4629199d31422738985rsz_2012-12-31_19040546554cd4853868271422739539Welcome to Anyth49054cd3d81180eb1422736769ing Art Company and my website. My name is Rob Krysztofowicz and my business fulfills my passion for Art and Creativity.

Located in East Aurora, New York, my home, studio and workshop are also my gallery and show place for some of the things I make. Many of the designs you see on these pages have been incorporated into my house as I built it, others have been installed in various locations in Western New York.

My main goal is to provide my clients with custom designed and executed architectural components which are well thought out, well made, and professionally installed.

Please browse through my galleries to get a feel of the type of work I do. Much of my work are custom, commissioned projects where I have worked closely with the customer and their ideas and input.